Logpasta is a simple, secure log paste service inspired by similar paste-hosting applications, trying to address a UX barrier when sharing output from terminal applications and scripts, by providing a cross-platform, open-source CLI tool.

Logpasta puts a focus on privacy, security, anonymity and ease of use. All pastes automatically expire and are permanently deleted 30 days after creation. Logpasta does not use first or third party cookies or tracking, and JavaScript is not required for the site to function. We do use an open-source, privacy-first analytics tool called Goatcounter which does not track personal data or use cookies, however you can avoid it entirely by either disabling JavaScript or blocking goatcounter.com and zgo.at domains.

Currently, Logpasta is a free service without any ads or monetization, so to prevent abuse there are certain limits in place, including a 30 day expiration time on all pastes. We may consider more permanent storage solution in the future for premium/paid users. Meanwhile, feel free to support the creator on Patreon.